“I have come across many lenders in my career, but the one and ONLY that I recommend to my clients is Jason.  He works my crazy hours, which is next to impossible to find in the mortgage industry.  It is a major asset to my business to have somebody who is readily available day or night for my clients when they have mortgage related questions.  Jason and his team also have a great reputation in our industry, which helps tremendously when in multiple offer situations on the buying side of a transaction.  Other agents know for a fact that if Jason provides a pre-approval letter, it is as good as gold and the file will be closed on time!  I have never had one client pre-approved through Jason and his team who’s file did not close on time or early.  He is hands down the best I have found!”  Chris Templeton, Reliance Realty Group

“I have been working with Jason Lewis and the Supreme Lending team for over a decade.  Jason is the type of lender who comes to the table to impress.  He is extremely knowledgeable in lending regulations and that is well known in our industry.  He is ethical, efficient and ALWAYS available to my clients, my agents and myself.  He is our preferred lending partner for many reasons but mostly because he is a man of his word.  I am grateful to align myself and my firm with a reputable and amazing lender.  We all at Bella Casa Realty look forward to a long and prosperous working relationship for many years to come with Jason and Team Lewis!”  Rina Pieffer, Owner, Bella Casa Realty

“When I have a client embarking on the search for a new home, I generally have to temper their excitement a bit.  Getting a pre-approval letter from a trusted lender is paramount to starting their search.  I don’t even hesitate to send them Jason Lewis’ contact info. Typically, in 10 minutes or less he will get them approved and gets me the paperwork I need, to make a convincing offer on my client’s behalf.”  Aaron Hickman, Keller Williams Realty

 “Jason is the best!  I used to be a lender and I am very picky about who I use.  After using Jason almost solely, I can honestly say that not one single time has he promised something that did not happen.  Sometimes we even close early or need a fast close, and he gets it done.  You see, he has his underwriters across the hall which makes the whole process amazing and smooth.  He also is a great name to have on any Lender letters for clients being pre-approved, because most people know him personally or know the Supreme Lending name and it makes a difference in acceptance of offers.  He is the best in all that he does and holds his Team up the same way.”  Rhonda Riley, HomeCity Real Estate

“I choose to work with Jason for many reasons. The biggest one that sets him a part from those I’ve worked with in the past is his follow up. I don’t have to worry about potential clients slipping through the cracks. If I can’t get them qualified, I can’t usually help them, so it’s crucial to my business. Jason gets it done. He’s also very personable, easy to work with. His Team is awesome and do a great job keeping everyone updated through out the process. There is more but that’s it for now.” Scott Moore, ZipRealty

 “Jason answers his phone, is great at communicating with my clients, works on the weekends, and closes on time. I have never had a bad experience!”  Brandon Martinez, ReMax Austin Skyline

“Simply put, Jason just ROCKS!!! He has been my #1 go to, since my very first client as a Realtor in Austin. I was so impressed, and still to this day am impressed with the speed and accountability he has for my clients. Jason works the hours I work — which for me is sun up to way past sun down. I never hesitate to call him and hand the phone over to my clients.  I ask ‘Why Not Jason?’…. there is no other lender I have met to date that goes the extra mile….That’s why Jason!”  Vanessa Nunez, HomeCity Real Estate

 “I refer all my clients to Jason Lewis because he’s prompt with communication and helps to make the process a smooth one. He’s always available to answer questions and all my clients that have used him for their loan, have been very happy with him.”  Kristi Richards, HomeCity Real Estate